If you read the stories of the people who participated in lotteries and won, you will realize that they are not always playing for themselves. Yes, these people have their dreams but not all of their dreams are exclusive to themselves and their families. Some lottery players want to help their community and other needy people around them. Today, you will read about a woman who could not see old people in helpless condition. She always thought of doing something for them but could not do much as a housewife. UK 49s changed things for her in the most unbelievable way. Here is how:

My Mother’s Departure Emptied Me

My mom was quite ill when I got married. I had to move to a different state with my husband because of the nature of his job. I called my mom regularly to inquire about her health. I knew she was not well but she would never tell me that over the phone. It was a chilly winter night when I received a call that told me my mother was not anymore. I started hearing whistles in my ear and could not hear a word after that. I visited my home and attended the funeral of my mother. I saw my mom’s face and it was skinny.

The neighbors of my mother told me that she was not eating in her last days. My mom, on the other hand, never told me that over the phone. The most painful thing for me was to hear that my mother had died of hunger. I could not do anything for her. I was her only daughter and I could not even feed her with my own hands. After the death of my mother, I always felt that there was a hole inside my body. I was hollow and I could feel that there was something missing inside me.

I Looked at Old People and Cried

I am a housewife to this day and have been that way since my marriage. My husband keeps me happy in all the possible ways. It is the morning time that was always painful for me. After my husband left for office and my kids for school, I spent some time gardening in our lawn. That’s when I noticed so many old men and women peeking through the windows of the homes. Some were sitting in their patios and looking at the children and vehicles passing by. I saw my mother in these old people and cried my heart out every morning.

I wanted to do something for these old people but I did not know how. I finally made up my mind and told my husband about my thoughts. He was ready to help in any way possible. However, I wanted to build a shelter home where I could keep all the old people and tend to them myself and with some staff. It was not going to be an easy task. It required a lot of money. We were well-off but still the amount needed was too big. That’s when my husband gave me an idea.

I Tried My Luck with UK 49

My husband told me to buy UK 49 tickets and try my luck in this lottery. He said that he was going to save money in the meantime too. I had a personal computer in the house so I started searching for UK 49. I learned all about its rules and how I was going to participate in it. I started betting on the 5 numbers regularly with a £2 stake. If I matched all the five numbers, I had a chance to win around £250,000 with a six number draw. I was so passionate about what I wanted to do that I knew I was going to win sooner or later.

I Won a Huge Prize

My gut feeling was not wrong and I had hit it big at a lunch time draw. I matched all the five numbers and I had a £2 stake on my bet. This meant that I had won more than £200,000, which was enough for me to make my dream come true. I was ready to tell my husband about the big news after his return from work. My husband returned and I was with my entire family at the dining table. That’s when I broke the news to everyone. I have to say that my husband is the best in the world. He was more excited about my win than I was.

More importantly, he did not ask about doing anything with the money once. He said I could make my dream come true with the money and that he was only going to help me with whatever processes were involved in having a shelter house for the old people.

I Meet My Mom Every Day Now

We fulfilled all the legal work and completed all the required processes. I finally had a house where I had a lot of old people who were there because I was going to serve them as their daughter. I had a dedicated staff and some of my relatives helping me in my endeavor. It did not take very long before every old man and woman in the house had started to see me as their daughter. Of course, I saw my mother in their faces and in the way they talked. I help these amazing old people with every need every day and feel like I am helping my own mother. It is like meeting my mother every day and that’s what keeps me passionate for my work.

I want to encourage everyone with a dream to follow their dreams. Yes, things seem impossible in the beginning but that’s because you have not started searching for ways at that time. The moment you start looking for ways to make your dreams come true, you find many. I am an example of that. I never knew I was going to be able to have enough money to help old people and fill the gap inside me that was created after my mom departed. I am satisfied today and more content than I could ever be.