People who play lotteries are always aiming for the jackpot. If you are able to win the jackpot, you can experience the transition in your lifestyle that one can only dream of. Some people like to travel the world when they win a jackpot whereas others want to get out of their routinely and exhausting daily jobs. Today’s story is of a person who was doing a regular job but always wanted to have his own small business. He did not make enough from his job to start his own business. However, UK 49s changed everything for him. Let’s take a look at how this man’s life changed when he won the lottery to start his own business.

I Hated My Job Life

I am not trying to compel people to quit their jobs. I did not like my job because since the day I had started to work I knew I was not made for jobs. Some people are okay with going to the office every morning and coming back in the evening, and then collecting their pay check after every month. For me, I wanted to do something with my own hands. Most importantly, I always wanted to start my own bakery because I could do some great baking. In my house, I was the one who did all the baking. The kitchen belonged to my wife unless there was a baking day. However, my skills of baking were known only to my family, some friends, and some relatives.

You can say that I did not hate my work, but I hated the job because I somehow felt that it was preventing me from making my dreams come true. I wanted to be known in my town as the best baker. At one point, I thought I was making enough to feed my family and save some money for my business. However, my plans changed completely when my children started their education. Education is expensive and there is no way a parent would try to save money by not sending his/her kid to school.

I Was Finding a Way Out

I was always looking at ways to change the way I was living. To have food on the table every day was not enough for me. Yes, my family was happy with me because I was fulfilling all of their basic needs, but I was the one who was not happy. That’s because I thought I had much more in me than going to the office every day and getting rid of stacks of files on my desk. I always talked to my friends to start a business. Somehow, everyone wanted to start a business until you talked to them about money.

Everyone had ideas but no one was willing to invest their own money to start a business. However, I was different from the bunch. I did not have just ideas. Instead, I also had a skill – the skill of baking.

One day, I was just browsing on the internet and looking for ways to earn when I saw someone’s comment on a forum talking about UK 49s lottery. I started researching this lottery and I have to say, I loved the idea. I always had this problem with lotteries that they were all about luck and you could not even decide how much you wanted to win. With UK 49, I could decide the size of my bet and the number of balls I wanted to place my bet on. Next thing you know, I started buying UK 49s tickets regularly.

The Best Tea Time of My Life

After betting on all five balls for more than five months, the big day finally arrived. I was checking the Tea Time results of the lottery when I found out that I had matched all five of the numbers I had betted on. I could not believe my eyes for five minutes. I was looking at my smartphone and into the space over and over. At one point, I slapped myself on my face to make sure that I was not dreaming. No, I was not dreaming and I had really won a big prize with the 5-ball bet.

My best size was only £1 so the prize money was not as big as it could have been with a £2 bet. However, since I had matched all the five numbers I had matched in a 6 number draw my winnings were quite huge. The money I had won was enough to change my life in all the good ways. Of course, the first thing that came to my mind was my own bakery. I finally had the opportunity to start my own business and do what I had always wanted to do i.e. baking.

My Life Started to Fall in Place

I did all the pre-requisites of starting a business and I was now ready to start my own bakery with my wife. I had even named the bakery after the name of the lottery and the time of my win i.e. Tea Time. It was not the biggest setup in the area but I can tell you for sure that my small setup was tight, organized, and look like an eye candy. The response was great right from day one. I could not have been happier. I loved the fact that my wife wanted to be with me in this endeavor and I appreciated her assistance.

I Am Living My Dream Today

My business is doing fine and I am living a life with my family that I had always dreamed of. More than anything, I love it when people come to me and admire my products. I always get to hear customers say that they can taste my passion for baking in my creations. My children are studying in the best schools of the town and of course, I am giving back to the community in all the possible ways. You can say that my win was not the biggest, but it definitely helped me start my own business. I love my life today and I love my decision of participating in UK 49s even more.