South Africa Keno

All About South Africa Keno 10,12,14,15

When it comes to the issue of lottery games, South Africa is the most popular of all the countries in the African continent. South Africa is located at the end of the African continent towards the South and is the only African country to have hosted the FIFA World Cup competition (2010) which brings together the best countries in the world of football (soccer) to participate for and win the World Cup trophy considered by many to be the most prestigious football trophy any country can win. It is also worth mentioning that South Africa is among, if not the most developed of all the African countries.

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In the field of lottery games, South Africa boasts of the prestigious South African national lottery game and its famous Powerball lottery. It is no doubt therefore that South Africans are lovers of lottery games as they have a plethora of lottery games to choose from with some of these lottery games giving players daily and weekly chances to become millionaires. While some of these lotteries have daily and weekly draws, there are some lottery games played online that give players multiple chances in a day to become millionaires. An example of such a lottery game is the South African Keno.

The South African Keno is a fun-filled, relaxing and popular lottery that guarantees massive payouts and can be played by players from all over the world. This game requires a very little effort and a whole lot of luck. To participate in the game, players simply have to place their bets and choose their numbers. If the numbers match those drawn, the player who matches the drawn numbers wins

Playing the Keno 10,12, 14 and 15

The South African Keno is similar to many lottery games in that players, in order to win prizes, must choose numbers which they hope will match the numbers drawn. However, a major difference between the Keno and other lottery games is that players choose their numbers via an online casino rather than having to buy a lottery ticket. In addition, players do not have to wait for draws to take place before they can check winnings. The Keno lottery game is easier to play, very rewarding and much more convenient than other conventional lottery games.

To play the Keno, simply choose the numbers you want to play. The amount of numbers you choose depends on which of the Keno games you wish to participate in. There are four different types of Keno lottery games. These are the Keno 10, 12, 14 and 15.

Keno 10

The Keno 10 is played by selecting ten number from the 80-number field. Numbers can be chosen manually or players can opt for a Quick Pick which allows the computer to automatically select random numbers on behalf of the player.

With the Keno 10, the numbers chosen by the players should catch those drawn in order for the player to win a guaranteed minimum payout of R200, 000. In order words, if the player is able to match all the ten numbers drawn, the player wins the jackpot of the day. The jackpot prize can sometimes rise to R3 million

Keno 12

Like the Keno 10, the Keno 12 is played by choosing twelve numbers from a number field of 80 numbers. Again, players can manually select their numbers or opt for a Quick Pick. The jackpot of the day is won when a player’s successfully catches all the twelve balls drawn. The minimum jackpot amount is also R200, 000 but can increase to R4.5 million.

Keno 14

With the Keno 14, players are expected to select fourteen numbers from a pool of numbers which range from 1 to 80. The jackpot is won if the player is able to match all of the fourteen numbers drawn. The minimum jackpot amount that can be won here is R200,000. However, prizes can sometimes increase to very large amounts, sometimes reaching R7 million.

Keno 15

The Keno 15 follows the same procedure and rules as the others. However, players are expected to choose 15 numbers which should match the fifteen numbers drawn in order to win the jackpot. Jackpot prizes can sometimes rise to R9 million.

The general rule for the Keno lottery game is that, the higher the numbers played, the greater the odds of winning larger prizes. First, choose the number of spots you wish to play. These can either be 10, 12, 14 or 15 depending on how lucky you feel. Next, select your numbers between 1 and 80 making sure that the numbers chosen match the number of spots chosen. If, for example, you chose 15 spots, you must choose 15 numbers. After choosing the numbers, the next step is to choose how many draws you will like to play the selected numbers for. You can choose to play their numbers for a maximum of 10 draws per ticket. You can also choose to play 500 times using multiple tickets.

After all selections have been done, you can then move forward to choosing how much you wish to stake for each game. Of course, the higher the amount staked, the greater the payout. After staking, verify all information on your ticket before clicking purchase. Once a ticket has been purchased, changes cannot be done to that ticket. With the ticket purchased, you only have to wait for the draw to see whether you are a winner.

Odds and Winnings

During the draws, 20 numbers are drawn. When the numbers are drawn, they fall in to different number slots. If all your number slots are able to catch the drawn numbers, then, it’s your lucky day. Of course, like most easy-to-play games of chance, the odds of winning are very low. For example, the odds of winning the jackpot of the Keno 10 stand at 1 in 8.9 million. Even though these odds are lower than the odds of other casino games such as Black jack and Poker, they are higher than the 13,983,816-1 odds of winning the South African national lottery.

Also, the chances of winning with less catches are greater even though the prize amounts are smaller. Catching one or two numbers, for example, have odds of 3:1 and 1563:1 respectively. On the other hand, catching nine or eight numbers which promise generous payouts, have odds of 1,369,686:1 and 230,114:1 respectively.

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