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As famous as lotteries are around the world, there is still a huge population of people that remains skeptical about them. Some think they are scams without realizing the fact that in the most powerful economies of the world, lotteries are backed by their governments. Today’s story is about a person who thought lotteries were not real. Out of curiosity, he took the step of participating in the UK49 lottery and was met with a huge surprise. Let’s know what transpired in this story from the man himself.

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I Always Argued with My Friend about Lotteries

So, my friend and I were called the eighth wonder of the world together because we were friends despite there being nothing common between us. The matter of lottery was one of the thousands of other conflicts between him and me. One day, we were sitting in a restaurant and having pizza when the argument started about lotteries. According to him, lotteries were as real as anything else. On the other hand, I was insisting that lotteries are not real and most of the information about them is just made up. Both of us were basing our arguments on our personal experiences.

According to him, he had once won a few hundred pounds from a lottery. I replied to him that a couple of hundreds were probably the only awards that people received from lotteries. He said that there were authorized retailers in our own area selling tickets for the lottery. I again replied by saying that yes they were but people winning hundreds of thousands of pounds and even becoming millionaires was something I thought was unreal. There was no way he could have convinced me because all my life, I had only heard about people winning huge lotteries but hadn’t ever seen one in real.

We Ended up on a Bet

When it was clear that our argument was not reaching any conclusion, my friend came up with an idea. He told me about UK49 and said this, “Go on this website, bet on the lotteries for three moths straight. If you don’t win anything in three months, I will give you all the money you spend on the tickets. However, if you win anything, you will give me 20% of that.” At first it sounded weird to me, but then I thought it was a good deal because I was sure I wasn’t going to win anything. I found the UK49 lottery website, found out the 49s rules and started betting on five numbers every other day.

Nothing Happened for Two Months

For two months, I bought the tickets religiously but I could not win anything. My friend seemed worried after two months but he was still pretending to be hopeful. After two months and ten days, he came to my house and asked me to open the U49 website on my laptop. I opened the website and look at him to inquire what he wanted to do. He told me that there was a UK49 Prediction option on the website that he wanted me to use. The UK49 Prediction option picks the most frequently appearing numbers from the past results. I did as he told me to do.

I used the UK49 Prediction option and was able to match two numbers when I checked the results at teatime. However, it only strengthened my point that people only won a few hundred pounds from lotteries and nothing more. My friend reminded me that I still had nearly three weeks to go before reaching any decision.

The Unexpected Happened

The second time I used the UK49 Prediction option on UK49, I was a bit scared. I could not know what I was fearing. Maybe the fact that my first smart pick had matched two numbers had shaken my belief a little. After picking the five numbers and putting a stake of £1 on my bet, I started waiting for the results. Something in my heart was telling me that something wrong was going to happen. It is weird that I was thinking of winning a huge prize as “something wrong”. Of course, a prize is a prize but what about my pride? How could I be proven wrong?

So, I was in my room on my computer waiting for the teatime results to be uploaded on UK49. I was incredibly impatient that day, and that’s why I was already waiting for the results before the draw time. The results were uploaded and I started checking the numbers. A wave of lightning passed through my body when I saw I had matched five numbers. The weirdest part of that moment was that I did not know whether to laugh with happiness or be sad for losing the best with my friend. I had been proven wrong and the UK49 Prediction was to be held responsible for it.

I Told My Friend about My Win

I called my friend and asked him to come home. He came to my house and I asked him this question, “Were you serious when you said you were going to take 20% of my winnings if I won?” He said a very solid yes to that. That’s when I replied to him by saying, “Okay then, I don’t I mind giving you more than £20,000 for breaking my pride.” He knew at this moment what I was trying to tell him. I thank my friend for not embarrassing me at that time. Instead, he focused on how we were going to spend the money we had won.

You Should Start Believing Too

I know today that I was wrong. I managed to win more than £100,000 from a lottery. Yes, a lottery – something that I did not believe in. No one in this world could have convinced me that lotteries paid people hundreds of thousands of pound if I had not won the lottery myself. I am lucky for having my mind changed in such a stunning manner. I also thank my friend for helping me win a life changing prize. I have sorted a lot of things in my life with the money I received. I am a believer now.

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